Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tirupur Kumaran- A Legend

Kodi Kaatha kumaran is one of the freedom fighters of the subcontinent of India. He fought against the foreign domination and control over India under the British rule.
Kumaran was born in on October 4, 1904, in Chennimalai presently in Erode District. His parents were Nachimuthu Muthaliyar and Karupayi Ammal. From his young days, kumaran is an active participant in the national movements. At a national level protest, he was killed by the British police, due to his refusal to let down the national flag.
On January 6, 1932, when Gandhiji was arrested, Kumaran was involved in a protest against the British people near river Noiyal. A remonstration of the legislature and parliament was held on January 10, 1932, at which Kumaran was leading the people, holding the national flag. When the procession crossed the police station, few of the police officers started striking the people without prior notice or information. But Kumaran who was in the lead did not give up easily and stood against the officers. They attacked him and knocked him down, but still Kumaran was holding on to the national flag, not letting it down even at such fatal situation. He died on January 11, 1932 and people still respect and admire his affection towards the country and the national flag.
Kumaran has added a new value to the country, instilling the true feelings of patriotism in the people.
The contributions of each of these individuals of the freedom struggle destabilized the British pillars in India. Every act of rebel and defiance motivated the millions of population to achieve their goal.

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